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After the release of the Royal Commissions findings into aged care, Australians have been shocked to find out what an ailing, failing system we have on our hands. The system is in disrepair and in urgent need of fixing. While we are still waiting for the final release by the Royal Commission, there are still improvements and steps we can take today.

This post will detail some positive enhancements we can start working on immediately, to provide the dignity and respect our elderly are deserving of.

1 Prescription monitoring solution

Currently 61% of patients in Aged care are on psychotropic agents, where they are only justified in 10% of the case.

This massive problem of over prescription has already been solved within Australia. Although solving a slightly different problem.

In Victoria, a program called Safescript has been successfully rolled out as a real time monitoring system for prescriptions of high-risk drugs. The way the program works is that if someone with say, an Opioid addiction, gets a prescription and gets it fulfilled at one pharmacy and then tries to get it filled again at another pharmacy, the system will alert the pharmacist with an over prescription warning.

Software similar to Safescript could be created to report on psychotropic agents in the aged care sector

Transparency into waiting times for Home Care Packages

Currently one of the key recommendations of the Royal Commission is the increase of Home Care Packages to reduce waiting time. This recommendation however does nothing to deal with transparency and accountability of providers to reduce waiting time.

We have designed a Home Care waiting list calculator whereby we can collect data and then report on the average waiting times. Once enough people have filled in the survey, we will release the findings to the public.

Rate my provider

There is currently no neutral way to rate your Aged care provider. We have setup a Rate my provider system which will allow anonymous ratings which we can then release back to the community.